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History of the Rineyville Fire Dept.
The fire dept. was created in April of 1979 by a group of men wanting to provide a needed service based on the population increase and the stoppage of fire protection by the Elizabethtown Fire Dept.

Land was acquired and donated by the likes of Olivia Bailey, J.A. Peak, William Defew and others. Volunteers, some of which later became some of the first firefighters, started building what would be known as Rineyville Fire Department. After several years and many donations from the community a 4 bay building was finished to house a couple of fire trucks with some room to grow.

The department was formed and the first Fire Chief was named John Miniard, John was a retired Louisville firefighter so his experience and leadership laid the ground work for what the department would become. John served as chief for 4 years and then new leadership stepped in as Mark Geer was elected as chief by his peers. Mark over saw the addition to the fire station as it quickly grew out of its 4 bay station. The addition included another bay with a meeting room and office area. He led for 8 years and then Richard Figg took the helm for a short period and stepped down due health concerns. The assistant chief Gary Yates rose to the position of chief for a short time and was later replaced by Tim Wiseman.  Tim served for 12 years then Nevelle Skaggs spent 2 years and was  replaced again by Tim Wiseman.  Shane Crutcher assumed the position in 2008 to 2016 when he was called away to a great job oppurtunity in Germany. David Walters was Assistant Chief at that time and was named Chief in 2016 and still holds it to this day.

The end of Chief Wiseman tenure began plans for expansion, in March of 2008 the fire department was looking to build a second fire station to expand its service reach. August and Carol Rosenburger graciously donated 1 acre of property @ 10503 Rineyville Big Springs Rd. As Chief Crutcher took over this project became Rineyville Fire Station 2. It was finished about a year later. During an attempt to continue to expand service property was purchased in the town of Big Springs. This was done in an attempt to create a fire department for the small community that bordered three counties Hardin, Meade, and Breckinridge. Lack of volunteers from this area has halted the projected, but the department still retains ownership of the property for future development.

Today the fire department is actively planning the replacement of Fire Station 1. Our small community has grown to a service area population of 12,000 residents. Due to this we have purchased land and planning for a new fire station.


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