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Chief David Walters

Currently the department is comprised of 7 Appointed positions; Chief - David Walters

Assistant Chief - Scott May

Captain - Rodney Rogers and James Snodgrass

Secretary - Elisha Payne

Treasurer - Joseph Powers

30 Firefighters.

3 Junior Firefighters.

We have 4  state certified in house instructors that conduct training on a weekly basis. The department is certified to the HAZMAT OPS level. The majority of the department hold Firefighter I, II certification and is trained to EMT first responder level.​

The fire dept. has oversight from 7 nominated board members, 2 coming from within the department the other 5 from the community. The board is appointed to a 1 year term with the possibility of serving 5 years. The board is a part of the financial approval and strategic planning process. A budget is submitted by the Chief annually to the Board of Directors. Each trustee reviews the budget and then works with the department to reach it's goals set forth by the flexible five year plan.  Currently Bobby Sheroan is the President of the Board.

Bobby Sheroan, President of the Board of Directors


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